Music and a coach to motivate you give you the drive to pedal hard! It’s all you need to enjoy the benefits of spinning for your legs, your heart and decreasing your stress levels…

CKB (Cardio King Boxing)

A class that mixes techniques and exercises from different contact sports and martial arts. The result is a fantastic aerobic workout that maintains a healthy heart, tones your muscles and increases your calorie burn even whilst you are resting.


This type of training seeks an optimal muscular performance through the creation and reproduction of exercises based on actions from everyday life and sports.


A system of strength training and conditioning based on constantly changing high intensity functional exercises that draw from a wide range of sports disciplines – gymnastics, weightlifting, running and so on.


Sports training based on a combination of strength training exercises using free weights, done to the rhythm of music.


This is a training methodology that combines physical and mental dimensions.

LBT : Legs, Bums and Tums

Exercises aimed at toning the lower body and abdomen getting good results such as a flatter stomach, a more defined waist, better toned legs, firmer buttocks, stronger muscles and improved blood circulation.