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  • Ideal activities for small and big teams

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A complete and exciting day for you and your team

A team that works well together is more effective, more productive, and more successful — not to mention happier and more fun to work with. A good way to optimize your team is to go Marae. Discover hidden talents of your colleagues and enjoy our outdoor activities for team building.

Depending on the available time, the number of colleagues in your team and budget we can arrange a complete and exciting day for you and your team. Our goal: to contribute you in forming a better team and create a great team building experience.

We offer in a daypart a range of activities on our own terrain on the La Herradura beach. Our terrain exists of 4 parts:

• A paintball terrain
• A big field for team sports
• A smaller field for skill games
• A canteen with a terrace.

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Paintball - Marae Granada


Enjoy this exciting and fun game. The teams face each other in a battle with compressed air guns which shoot paintballs. If you got hit by one of them, you’re eliminated. The paint on your body will proof it. Ideal for your team building experience, safe and secure.
We provide each participant state of the art material:

  • an army jumpsuit
  • a gun
  • protective elements like a vest, helmet and gloves

Archery bow

Archery Bow

Our Archery Bow activity is similar as our paintball experience and is also located on our paintball field. In this exciting game you will chase each other with a bow and arrow, whereas the arrows are harmless. Each session is under supervision of one of our professionals and includes a full instruction, equipment and insurance.
We provide each participant state of the art material:

  • a bow
  • arrows with a foam rubber point
  • protective elements like a vest, helmet and gloves

Bumper ball

Bumper Ball

A thrilling game, where teams with a maximum of 4 players compete against other teams. A awesome fun activity for your birthday party. Imagine a 3 on 1 tackle where the opposition is sent flying up in the air and lands protected by their bubble. Entertaining for the player, opponent and spectators.


Air Hockey

With air hockey it all comes down to collaboration and team spirit. Your team consists of 4 couples. Each couples receive a big, giant hockey stick which can only be used as a couple. The game is played just like normal hockey but with a bigger hockey ball than usual.
And on our smaller field we offer our skill games, like archery bow, football darts, block nailing and cord walking.


Team experience

Team building meetings at Marae

With our 3 playing ground (paintball field, big and small field) we can host team building meetings up to 60 people (3 x 20).
When you and your invited guests are tired but satisfied, we offer a range of foods and drinks. You and your company are treated lunch, cake, sandwiches or a real barbeque. And for drinks we offer a range of (non) alcoholic drinks, beer, wines, mojitos etc.
When you click on a specific activity, you will find more information about the activity. We also offer different combinations of activities, so feel free to contact us and we will create a program fully to your needs and budget.



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You want the ultimate Paintball adventure? The paint on your body proofs it. Enjoy this exciting and fun game.
Quad Tour

Quad Tour

Discover our guided quad tours. Drive into the Sierra de Almijara, enjoy the natural landscape in an area where you would not likely come.


Canyoning is one of our customers most favorite activity. You can do it throughout the year; even in winter, because the river has a steady flow.


Our hikes are really spectacular. Walking on the cliffs, we have a beautiful view of the Mediterranean coast.
Kayak Tour

Kayak Tour

Before departing, we will go over some basic instructions which include proper use of the paddle, movement within the kayak.
Mountain bike tour

Mountain bike tour

You want the ultimate Mountain bike adventure? As the route winds its way through the valley, one can admire the many views of the sea as well as the local agriculture.


Underneath the water each diving person is always under close monitoring of the instructor who assists and corresponds with you.
Vias Ferratas

Vias Ferratas

Vias ferratas is a specific type of mountain climbing where the trail is set with steelkabels and anchors to facilitate an easier climb.


Are you looking for great variety? In the Sierra Nevada it is possible to ski in the morning and swim in the afternoon.
Birthday Party

Birthday Party

On our own terrain we offer: three fields with a central terrace and kitchen, a paintball field, big field for team sports and a smaller field for skill games.
Bachelor- or Henparty

Bachelor- or Henparty

You only get one chance to throw your best friend a bachelor- or henparty that he or she will never forget.

… and more to follow!

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Marae, your team building partner

As you can see we offer a broad variety of activities for small parties and bigger groups. If you want to have a focus on a half day experience on the dynamics of the group (maximum group size is 60) or the full day experience (maximum group size is 120), we’re your team building partner. Also we offer our activities as a solo experience.

When you click on a specific activity, you will find more information about the activity. We also offer different combinations of activities, so feel free to contact us and we will create a program fully to your needs and budget. All prices you see on the activity pages are per person. When you book your team building activities you will benefit our special prices. Please let us know when you want a customized program and offer for your team.


We have enjoyed our team building session at Marae. We love the hiking and quad tour.

  • Safety first: there is always guidance of a professional team

  • Boost of your personal and group skills

  • We always take care of our natural environment

  • Wide range of activities

Curious about more Marae outdoor activities?

With our activities we focus on joy, adventure and outdoor exploration.


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