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  • Our own diving school ‘Argos’
  • Transport to and from your hotel
  • Professional certified guide
  • Most interesting wildlife due to natural park
  • The only diving school on the coast with its own 3,7 meter deep pool

Introduction to diving

We start with a briefing where all the necessary knowledge to perform a dive is explained, such as:

  • understanding of the gear
  • what is the function of the different items
  • and how to use them
  • and even more important:  the safety principles
  • last but not least: how do we communicate under water, using a specific sign language

After changing into diving gear (neoprene suit, boots, mask and fins) we go into the pool and walk through the underwater caves and only after we feel save enough’ we go to the sea, either by boat or by swimming out from the beach. The next step is to sink to the bottom at 4 or 5 meters deep. Getting accustomed to this new environment and trying to walk on the bottom of the sea. Then comes the moment that you start enjoying and discover a totally new and different world. Underneath the water each person is always under close monitoring of the instructor who assists and corresponds with you in the recently learned signals. After having done the introduction course, we offer a course to be able to do the diving exam.

Open-water course

Duration: 3-4 days


  • 2 diving-sessions in a confined space. This can be in sea, close to the beach or done in a pool, depending on the weather conditions.
    These sessions focus on practicing the basic movements and skills in order to be safe whilst diving.
    Duration of each session: around 25 minutes.
  • 4 sessions of open water dives, depending on weather and water conditions these can be dives from the beach or that you are taken to deeper waters with a boat. These dives are meant to put into practice all the theory that was learnt and gain experience. You also learn to use a dive computer and plan your dive.


Paseo Andres Segovia 6
18697 La Herradura

Theory and certificate

You have 5 theory classes and a final exam to obtain the official certificate (PADI certification). What do you learn in theory:

  • everything that is related to the physiology and physics of diving
  • the mechanisms of the equipment
  • emergency situations and how to solve them

After completing the course and passing the exam, a 3-month certificate is issued, which allows you to dive until the official certificate arrives.

Request info at: 0034-657 730 030

Request info at:
0034-657 730 030

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It’s such a great experience to discover a totally new and different world.
  • Safety first: there is always guidance of a professional team
  • Boost of both your personal and group skills
  • We always take care of our natural environment
  • Wide range of activities


With our activities we focus on joy, adventure and outdoor exploration.

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